Top 10 Myths About SEO in 2022


If you search online, you can find a great deal of information about improving your website ranking or SEO score. However, you will also discover that the articles you read on different pages contradict each other. When this happens, you are bound to be confused over what to do and what not. How do you draw the line between right and wrong? If you website is still new and you have no idea how search […]

January 3, 2022

7 Keyword Research Tricks for eCommerce Businesses

SEO, Tips & Tricks

If you are in the online marketplace you will surely know that creating a powerful strategy of keywords is an essential part of ecommerce. The reason is that effective keywords make your ecommerce store rank better whenever a person makes a search for terms that can somehow be connected to your product or service. Finding the best targeted words that are relevant to your customer’s intent is a promising aspect for your online store. Through […]

January 1, 2022

13 Myths About Search Engine Optimization


So in less than a month, I’ve successfully boosted my search engine traffic. How did I do this? Simple. I followed a proven and tested SEO strategy that helped me solve my problem and promoted my blog posts. Looking at this, it really does seem too basic; but that’s how SEO is sometimes. If we were to do a comparison between search engine and social media traffic in terms of how likely they result in […]

June 21, 2019

12 Dominating SEO Trends To Follow In 2020 [Updated]


While the internet has become a home for the audience where they can seek the products or services within seconds, it has become crucial for every marketer to keep them updated with all the latest SEO trends to keep on meeting the varying user’s demands. Furthermore, the search engines have become smarter which makes it vital for marketers to focus on providing the exact results as per user’s queries. As the only way to make […]

June 18, 2019

Need of SEO in 2020 (4 Major Benefits)

SEO, Tips & Tricks

The subject of SEO is a relatively contentious issue — especially among businesses new to the internet. Why? For one, most business owners have had their fingers burnt by so-called “SEO experts” who failed to deliver on their promise. Secondly, some online entrepreneurs have a vague understanding of it, so their efforts haven’t worked for them. Thirdly, other business owners think it is too expensive a strategy to commit to. With all these issues, one […]

May 26, 2019

How To Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Marketing Plans

SEO, Tips & Tricks

In battle, the ones who have the most intelligence gathered hold the upper hand. Information is something that can actually turn the tide of war when it is needed the most, no matter how big or powerful your opponents are. Small tips can mean big especially when you want to even the odds or overtake anyone you are up against. That is why it is very important to know about your rivals as much as […]

May 24, 2019