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Blogging / Monday, October 30th, 2017

For many of us, our passion has been writing. For me, it all began with writing my diary as a student. I have learnt this art from my dad who loves writing his daily tasks and important things in his diary. Writing regularly indeed has many benefits. Today when I go back and read my diary, I realize that I could have begun with my own blog so earlier in life.

With this thought in I mind, I decided to pen down my blogging ideas for the benefit of students. I have scribbled some blog topics for students which can be used for fun blog posts.

1. Giving Reviews

You can always write your views for books, documentary, movies, games you watch, even adventures or field trips you go etc. Sharing views and recommendations with the audience can be fun.

Giving Reviews

2. Comparing Books to Movies or Vice Versa

One of the easiest blogging ideas for students can be comparing books and the movies based on them. Like Chetan Bhagat’s novel “Five Point Someone” to Raju Kumar Hirani’s movie based on the same “3 Idiots”. Also, you can compare books to books, find out similarity and differences and post on a platform.


3. Current Events

Students can always cover all that’s happening around them. Like for e.g. today in India upcoming Gujarat Elections 2017 is the most discussed topic covered by all media houses. Students can post their views after doing their research and this could be one of the great topics to be debated.

Current Events

4. Inside Story

One of the exciting blog post ideas for beginners can be writing down diary or a journal event that has happened nationally or globally with your own touch to it. This type of blog requires a good amount of research and your own personal insights with the strong essay.

Inside Story

5. Writing Serious/Humorous Version

This type of blogs can be challenging as deciding upon a topic and writing something seriously or fantastical requires a skill. Such narrations would help students enhance their understanding and improve their logical power.


6. My Favorite

Such personal blog topics can be worth narrating, students can jot down things which make them happy everyday may it be music, toys, photography, some of their favorite events etc. You can also post lyrics of your favorite song or you can sing the same in your own voice and post it.


7. Story Telling

Writing down stories or poems in your words in a way that makes sense can be rather challenging. Such blogs can be a good brain exercise.

Story Telling

8. Problem Solvers

Problem solving blog topics can be sometimes silly but are creative. This can be so challenging and class engaging, students can post their problems and fellow students can solve. You can also reward them and this would be a good brain exercise.

Problem Solving

You can think of many such blog ideas that make money online. Share your ideas and post your comments for some of the great fun blog posts.

Enjoy Reading!!

Blogging Ideas for College Students 1


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