7 Effective Ways To Boost Your Brand’s Online Presence

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The one challenge that is faced by every online store owner is how to increase their sales online. It is very intimidating to know where to start and how can stand out from the other e-commerce sites.

In the past few years the growth of e-commerce market has grown immensely and this has only made the competition tougher. Everyone wants to attract visitors and boost their online sales. Therefore, it is very important that your company has a solid, trusted brand.

However, if the audience you have targeted does not know or trust your brand then how can you increase your online sales. Here are some innovative strategies through which you can increase your brand awareness and boost the sale of your business.

1. Get Influence’s to Display your Art or Other Product

The best way in which you can increase your brand awareness and drive sell is by inviting influenced people into your niche. These influencers have a specific set of audience who trusts them. They just have to mention your products and discuss your brand with the people. Then these mention of brand will expand and the awareness among people regarding your brand will increase.

You can use all types of influencers starting from Instagram photographers to celebrities. These influencers must become a part of the sales team and even ambassadors and then the company’s has to put its social strategy in power for the growth of the company.

If you want you can also sponsor influencers or use them as a spokesperson for their brand and products during any event.

2. Use Branded Packaging

Have you ever noticed that when you received a delivery it came in branded packaging. You might feel that it is another just shipment strategy. You may feel that the branded packaging made it feel like gift.

There is a company named Packlane that allows many other companies to customize the design of their packaging. The companies can also do this by using their own logo and brand so that is enhances the experience of the customer.

The team has created such unique boxes for many companies such as HP, RedBull, L’Oreal, Shopify, and many more.
The team knows this very well that the experience of a product does not start at the first use of it, but rather when you are opening the box. The companies can create an emotional connection with their customer with the way they present their brand and the stories they present through design and graphics.

Branding your packaging also makes you different from the competitors in the market. This shows that you value your customers emotions and care about their experience. Therefore, by overlooking your products packaging you will miss the opportunity of branding and connecting with your customers.

3. Do your SEO Research

SEO can be a powerful ground for the companies to pitch their prospects. If your competitors are also trying to use the same information and use the same strategy of yours, it tends to loose its power as all of them are trying to get new clients.

Therefore, researching about the SEO strategies related to your product or services is important. This knowledge will help you to increase your brand awareness. It will set you apart from the competitors and make you an expert leader in your industry.

4. Double-down on Social

The social media is a powerful platform for promoting your brand. There are many social media like Instagram, Facebook, and many more. Among these social media platform Instagram is a platform with power where you can promote in full-fledge.

We get more attracted towards pictures than words and Instagram just let you do that. Over here you can promote a story through the images that you post. It is an amazing platform for friends and family to stay in touch with. Therefore, it is also good for brands to reach out to their customers and potential users.

Like Instagram, Facebook also has the power to increase the brand awareness and create community. The self-made entrepreneur Gallant Dill has himself built a community through his Facebook group. He has a business of mentoring program that teaches new entrepreneurs how to build and scale their companies.

Facebook has helped him to speak directly to the community. He also shared his various mentoring programme and products in this platform. At the age of 26 he has a multiple business of million dollar.

5. Set up Your Game on Twitter

The platform of Twitter is another big social media platform which can help you in brand awareness. This is because it helps you in publishing news and interacting with customers who are already talking about your business.

For example, Wendy is one of the biggest and famous burger joint. They are the one who have built a reputation on Twitter. They have done their branding by responding to the media’s mentioning their brand. Not only this they also reply to their sassy and quippy comments.

6. Take Advantage of Google’s AdSense Auto Ads

Paid ads are also an amazing ways through which you can put your name and website in front of the targeted audience. However, the trickiest part is understanding your audience and getting the pitch high.

Google have recently announced about an app named AdSense Auto ads. This app is the best platform for the publishers where they can create and optimize their ads.
You can also place Auto Ads automatically on sites with the help of machine learning technology.

7. Post Compelling Content Frequently

Lastly, if you want to increase your followers in social media it is important that you continuously keep posting contents. You can also compare the frequency of your posting and engagement rates with your competitors.

Hootsuite and Buffer are two tools that can proof to be very helpful to you as you can schedule your further posts through it. You can also incorporate them with your browser and other apps. This will help you in scheduling your posts in social media.

The best part of these tools are that it will help you to save more time that you generally spent in the execution of your social marketing strategies.

7 Effective Ways To Boost Your Brand’s Online Presence 3

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