7 Keyword Research Tricks for eCommerce Businesses

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If you are in the online marketplace you will surely know that creating a powerful strategy of keywords is an essential part of ecommerce. The reason is that effective keywords make your ecommerce store rank better whenever a person makes a search for terms that can somehow be connected to your product or service.

Finding the best targeted words that are relevant to your customer’s intent is a promising aspect for your online store. Through it, you may reach your main goals: getting more traffic, increasing brand awareness and conversion rates, as well as getting high revenue.

Building an effective keywords list is an inseparable part of SEO roadmap. Hence, checking your keyword strategy periodically will inform you if your current tricks work well for your business. The process can be done due to a number of auditing tools: more info available here.

For getting successful online presence and reaching a wider cycle of customers, let us dive into some important tricks that will help to have a well-planned keyword strategy:


1.  Discover your Niche Topics

The main goal of your keyword research strategy is to discover ideal keywords that will target your audience. For this you need to find out which words and phrases they use when searching something related to your product, service or business.

Besides traditional keyword research to find our relevant phrases and words, it is a good idea to examine the topic industry. Analyze the market for finding out the effectiveness of them.


2.  Expand your Ideas

In order not to meet the risk of breaking the success of your website with a wrong choice of keywords, you need to go deeper and think wider. Many businesses make use of the same keyword phrases, trying to outrank one another.

However, discovering some fresh ways of reaching your customers is a good idea. Besides cultivating your own strategy, you can implement these approaches as well:

  • Get compelling advantages using semantic keywords
  • Keep close to your competitor’s branded words and phrases
  • Integrate new ideas and trends.


3.  Make Use of Keyword Tools to See your Competitors Strategies

There are thousands of keyword tools which will help in beating the competitions. However, not each of them promise the most desired results.

In order to make the right choice you need to analyze the market and compare each of their pros and cons. Among the trustworthy ones, however, you can use Google Search Console or Semrush. For more options, click here.


4.  Choose Keywords of Varying Length and Specificity

Integrating keywords in different lengths is another powerful tool to succeed in your keyword strategies. Based on the length, there are three main types of keywords: short tail keywords, long tail keywords and mid-tail keywords.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Generic Keywords (refers to short-tail keywords) are competitive for your website ranking, while long-tail ones are ideal for voice search. Hence, you need to make use of them to make your strategy stronger.


5.  Consider All Important Metrics

There are many important metrics that are worth studying in your journey of keyword research. You can even integrate more keyword metrics that will bring your content a competitive advantage.

Hence, among the most important metrics, it is worth mentioning:

  • Search Volume
  • Excellent Buying Intent
  • Challenges of Ranking in Search Engines.


6.  Study the Search Intent

If you do not factor search intent, your keyword research will be less effective. For finding out and determining search intent, it is a good idea to understand the category of your keyword.

If you find out what your customer needs, you will easily meet their needs and demands, providing a great experience for them.


7.  Refine your Keyword List

Coming up with the list of relevant keywords is great, however, what if you do not get the desired traffic?

For avoiding such situations, you need to check how effective are the keywords you have chosen.

Besides using Google Keyword Planner, you can also make a search yourself to find out the competition strengths. Your strategy needs continual development and improvements.



Do you want to build a strong SEO strategy? Have you managed to discover and integrate high-volume search terms in your marketing campaign?

If yes, then Congratulations! You are in you right path of building a successful business.

If you want to succeed in your marketing efforts, you need to make your website SEO-friendly, relevant and easily searchable, due to a number of marketing tools and techniques.

If you find it time-consuming and hard, never mind, there are many digital marketing agencies who will provide you with a great experience: learn more info from the website. Understanding the high importance and challenges of digital marketing, they will not only help in building a great keyword strategy, but your whole marketing campaign.

Author bio:

Tigran Mirzoyan is the CEO at Smarketa.com and also loves to share his experience and expertise in blogs. Since 2010, the year Smarketa was founded, Tigran has worked tirelessly to grow eCommerce businesses, and now he can share his experience with those in need of professional advice.

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