SEO for LinkedIn: How to Grow Your Connections and Expand Your Leads

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When it comes to the professional industry, each of its dynamic does not end on the traditional personal meeting and usual business presentation to fully discuss things that can bring success to any venture. With so much things the world of internet and other technologies has to offer, even the business world can use this as an opportunity not only to make any industry better and stringer, but it also helps to expand and build more connections, since one of the advantages of exploring what the internet, social media in particular, can offer is its wider audience to reach out to.

Various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offers a new and better way to help professionals meet and discuss their ventures to potential partners and investors, along with looking for more clients to cater, plus the vast opportunities to explore more about the industries they are engaged in. These social media sites can surely take you to more people, but LinkedIn promises more and better opportunities for the business world.

LinkedIn, according to HubSpot, is the best site especially in lead-generating field. This means that it guarantees to reach and gain more potential customers on this site compared to other sites. For the past years, it already has 500 million users across the globe (and counting), LinkedIn is able to establish itself as the best source of connection and new customers regardless of any business you have.

And just like other social media platforms, in order to build better connections, you must be careful and critical to ensure that you are able to gather connections that your business will need. But before going into the details, it is important to start a better network using this site. Having a larger network means having the potential for more customers and connections as well.

To continue, these are the strategies that you can do to expand your would-be and present connections and expanding your leads:

1. Identify your desired connections.

In LinkedIn, you have the freedom to accept and reject requests from various people across the globe. Also, there is unlimited number of connections in here, regardless if you can see them as strongly related to your venture, or just to expand the possibilities from those individuals. Bottomline is that, just because you cannot see any potential network to them now does not mean they cannot be seen as networks.

In doing this, you must be careful especially in accepting people. You must learn to recognize profile that are spammed and fake. Moreover, to lessen the chances of receiving spammed profile, you can start adding people that you know, like family members, friends and colleague.

2. Make it a habit to share content in your LinkedIn account.

Building networks in LinkedIn does not start and end with adding and accepting various profiles. Another important thing to expand your networks and find more connections is to share some content on your profile where anyone connected on you can see it. In doing this, the best time (though there is no particular issue on this part) and what to post should be considered.

Some of the advantages on sharing content on your profile are:

  • Your followers always remember you and you will leave an impression that you are taking whatever you’re doing seriously.
  • You can easily drive traffic, from a hundred to even thousand visits.
  • You can engage yourself to other followers, creating better and deeper relationships to your followers, which, of course, is your ultimate goal in having LinkedIn account.
  • Every content that you shared can help you see potential customers.

3. Remember that LinkedIn is not just for the sake of creating and expanding networks.

As mentioned, having LinkedIn account is not just about looking for more connections. More than that, you should remember that it also takes creating better and long-lasting relationships with every person you can encounter. It also includes seeing every follower as more than a potential connection or customer, but also, valuing every individual as who they are.

Aside from getting more followers and writing contents on a daily basis, another thing that must be done is to “do something for them”. The concept of this strategy is that the more you help or assist them, the better they remember you, and in time, you can be able to help you as well. You can achieve this by:

  • Leave good comments on their posts.
  • Share their posts.
  • Send them direct messages especially if they need a lending hand to help them.

4. Maximize the group part and features on your LinkedIn account.

While having more connections, regardless of their profession and ventures, is essential in building networks, it is still essential to find and consolidate those in your site that is strongly connected on you. This is the fastest way to make hundreds and even thousands of connections and better relationships since most of the LinkedIn users probably belong to various groups.

Using LinkedIn is just one of the many ways to expand your venture and in creating and maintaining connections. There are more marketing strategies and techniques that you can freely use and ponder its potentiality in your site. Just remember to study first everything about it and be careful in trusting everything.

SEO for LinkedIn: How to Grow Your Connections and Expand Your Leads 1


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