12 Dominating SEO Trends To Follow In 2020 [Updated]

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While the internet has become a home for the audience where they can seek the products or services within seconds, it has become crucial for every marketer to keep them updated with all the latest SEO trends to keep on meeting the varying user’s demands.

Furthermore, the search engines have become smarter which makes it vital for marketers to focus on providing the exact results as per user’s queries. As the only way to make the business survive is to build a strong online presence.

While SEO will always remain consistent, it is clear that all the existing and upcoming SEO trends will be capable of increasing the site’s performance and ranking it on the tops of SERPs.

So, we have compiled the SEO trends that are going to command in 2020 and every marketer needs to implement these practices to build authority with Google.

  1. Understand User Intent

In this digital world, the research would never end regarding the keywords the various type of web searchers search. As it is very important to analyze the requirements, type of preferred format by the audience – be it videos, images, infographics or text. Many experts say that this crucial information can be proven to be the best SEO trend in 2020 if carried out efficiently.

So, while doing the research, suppose yourself a user and think about what you would have been searching. What kind of content and CTAs would influence you to click on the websites? What kind of appealing elements would encourage you to learn more about goods/ services offered by the business?

  1. Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets have become more prevalent in terms of SEO trends. Featured snippets basically aim at providing the exact answers to the user’s queries. So, being featured is all about ranking on the tops of search results and increasing brand exposure.

So, if you want to make most out of your SEO tactics and improve your overall site’s ranking then start with good keyword research. Entail the use of long-tail answers to the queries as it increases the chances of featured snippets.

Moreover, featured snippets with eye-catching images works amazing for a website, so ensure all your in-article images are appealing and annotated well.

  1. Structured Data Is A Must

Data has become more dominating with the emergence of SERPs. Google is now able to create meta tags from existing content. Not only this, search engines implement the schema markup/structured data for achieving the rich-featured snippets. As featured snippets help in improving the CTRs on to your site.

Ultimately, whatever is the need, marking up your information or content in the best way is the most significant and beneficial SEO trend that will dominate in 2020 and you as a marketer needs to focus on.

  1. Mobile Optimization

From last few years, the number of voice searchers is continuously rising. This makes it imperative to focus on designing mobile-friendly websites.

Though mobile-friendliness is a very crucial factor to consider whenever performing SEO for your business and can’t be overlooked in the year 2020. So, check whether your web pages are mobile-friendly. Make sure your site is responsive and is not incorporated with much of ads or less white spaces.

  1. Voice Search Optimization

Voice search has been trending a lot than the searches carried out via keyboard. People make use of various voice-enabled devices like Apple Siri, Google Home, and more to make their search easy.

Hence, your SEO technique should focus on finding the most common keywords that people tend to use in their conversations. It is obvious that users search their queries in the form of questions which makes it important for you to focus on some crucial points like what, how, when, and where. Try to entail the long-form keywords that can match up the user’s queries and help you rank better on the search results.

Overall, you need to focus on voice search optimization too as it requires more research and implementation of the right tactics to leverage the benefits of SEO.

  1. Creating Quality, Engaging Content

Although the algorithms of Google are getting better every other day, content still matters. The new SEO theme has emerged: build long, engaging, well-written, and unique content. Google has improved a lot in the last many years and makes the use of the latest technology and algorithms like RankBrain to better analyze and understand the content.

Tips: Keep continuous publishing of blogs, articles but make sure the content is unique and adds value to your efforts. Insert the right keywords according to the type of audience and their requirements but make sure not to implement keyword stuffing as it can take you at the bottom of search results instead of ranking high.

  1. AMP

Mobile optimization and voice search optimization are such trends that are compulsory and plays a vital role in leveraging the maximized benefits of SEO. Creating websites is not the end as making them more responsive and progressive is the need.

AMP had become an integral part of search engines and will continue to rule in 2020. Accelerated mobile pages help you create web apps that load faster. Now want to know how? AMP compresses the size of images with minimal use and consist of information-rich content so that webpages do not take time to load further decreasing the bounce rate. Just start maximizing the benefits to your business with AMP.

  1. Quality Link Building

The theory of backlinks keeps on varying every year but still in 2020, it will continue to play a crucial role in SEO tactics because authority can only be achieved via quality backlinks.

For SEO 2020, it is essential for you to realize that link-building via third-fourth class portals or poor quality blogs will no longer benefit you. Invest your resources and efforts in building good quality content that users will love to read and share. In addition, keep a check while creating guest posts as Google does not recommend the poor-quality content and does not rank the website on the search results too.

  1. Local Search Engine Optimization

With the audience moving towards mobile-first and searching for the local businesses, it has become more important for marketers to focus on local searches. Adding the business location and address along with targeted keywords is very crucial to appear on the top of local search results. So, whether it’s about rankings or just the site’s information, provide your users with accurate and adequate information.

  1. Videos, Videos, Videos

Voice is not only the one biggest trend to be ruling in 2020. Most of the marketers have started leveraging the video platform that works as the trendiest information medium and is capable of driving traffic smartly. So, embedding the videos in your articles, blogs can help you in retaining the user’s on your site for a longer time than usual.

  1. Strong Focus On Designing Platforms

No matter what SEO strategies or practices you implement to rank the website on top, if you do not opt the right designing platform then no strategy can help you with your SEO. this is why most of the SEO Services suggests to choose the right platform as per the type of business you own. There are various website designing platforms like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and more that can help you create responsive sites with a variety of other benefits.

  1. Website Loading Speed Optimization

Speed can’t be neglected as it is the need of today and is crucial for website loading speed optimization. It’s very obvious that if the site takes too long to load then users will jump on to other sites further affecting the site’s ranking.

Make sure you place fewer ads on your site as these decreases the site’s speed and will also lead to poor user experience. Excess use of themes and widgets also slow down the speed of the website, so try to incorporate simple and responsive themes with minimal use of widgets or plugins. All in all, opt for the plugins that are effective, less time-consuming, and hardly affects the website’s loading speed.

Final Thoughts:

Besides all these, there are many other remarkable SEO practices that you can implement to stay ahead of your competition like consider the content that is ruling in the present, including the videos on the top of page or in articles, make use of rich schema to increase the CTR, and more. So, work hard with your SEO strategies to reap more rewards. However, if you are still unable to satisfy the user’s requirements then talking to an SEO consultant in India can be another approach to gain huge popularity and better ROI. All the Best!

Author Bio:

Ravi Sharma is a young and energetic entrepreneur who has shown intense dedication in establishing his brand, Webomaze. He is an influencing SEO consultant in India who has a great direction on the idea of search engine optimization that can help in meeting the business goals as well as aligning a website with the search engine’s terms. He is a fun-loving person and loves to explore adventure by visiting different places.

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